Culinary Travel

A program made especially for the gourmet travellers seeking edible and quaffable excursions.

Although in all our programs we take special care of the gastronomy, we have designed some specific routes for those who want to get an insight into the Spanish culinary genre tasting ours 'tapas', the traditional products and variety of wines.

We design special tours visiting the wine cellars, also facilitate the contact with cheese suppliers, we organize wine and food tasting courses, attend gastronomic festivals, tour through the bars searching for the best 'tapas' and also learn how to make them, etc.

In a 7-day period of time (except menu requests) we offer the following gastronomic routes:

  • Wine route in the North of Spain (Catalonia, Navarre, The Rioja, Zamora and Valladolid)
  • Cheese and Wine route in Castile.
  • Cheese, Fish and Shellfish route in the Atlantic North Coast.
  • Wine and paella route in Valencia.
  • Olive oil route.
  • Iberian Ham route.