A program of enclosed routes in which its objective is to know and enjoy the innumerable festivals outdoors and artistic-cultural festivals that are celebrated throughout the whole year in all towns and cities of the country.

Spain, being the country of fiestas cannot be understood fully without knowing their festivals, traditions, popular demonstrations and original celebrations, etc. that emphasize their ethnographic value, colors, music, dances, gastronomy and especially by the happiness of their protagonists.

Fleeing the commonly know festivals of greater repercussion in the international environment such as San Fermín or Tomatina, instead, we take visitors to other anonymous festivals that are well recognized and of great interest to the local population.

In a 7-day period of time (except tailored requests), we design small journeys that allow us to go by bus from town to town to know and join in different popular festivals. The TRADITIONAL SPAIN program includes also visiting buildings and artistic-historic monuments of the area travelled to. There is no excuse not to come and join us in the most popular festivals of Spain because we have designed a program with available routes during all year long.

Routes to experience:

  • Festivals in honors of Saint Anton in January in many small towns of Andalusia.
  • Original Carnivals in Extremadura and Andalusia in February.
  • Popular festivals along Mediterranean Sea coast in March. Las Fallas are undoubtedly one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain. Las Fallas are a multifaceted celebration involving fire.
  • In April and May are celebrated the Moors and Christians Festivals that is a peculiar celebration which is held in different cities along the Spanish coast. This festival acts out a part of Spanish history demonstrating the battles between the Arabs and the Christians.
  • In June, popular fiestas and festival of Corpus Christi and week event in honors of Saint Juan and Saint Pedro.
  • Along July and August, traditional and original festivals in the north of Spain.
  • In August and September, traditional and original outdoor fiestas in many small towns of Toledo.
  • In September, festivals in the Spanish South coast.