Cultural Heritage

The ideal program for those lovers of the history and its cultural bequest. The history of Spain is marked by very diverse small towns, culture and traditions that left a spectacular and rich bequest.

Pre-historical paintings, Roman ruins, Pre-Romanesque churches, Arabian palaces, Gothic cathedrals, modernist architecture, etc...

The routes of this program have 7-day duration, travelling through places in which many are declared as world heritage by the UNESCO; real monuments, vernacular architecture, cathedrals, castles, monasteries, museums, archaeological places, modern buildings, etc.

The present routes designed are:

  • Royal palaces in Madrid and outskirts
  • Medieval Castles in Castilla
  • The Gothic art and cathedrals
  • Cities and monuments world heritage of the northwest of Spain
  • Cities and monuments of the world heritage in Southern Spain
  • Modernist Catalonia
  • Jewish Bequest in Spain
  • Bequeathed Moslem in Spain
  • Cultural Heritage in the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  • The route of the Spanish Tongue.