Holly Week

Is a program that could not fall short of our objective which is to bring to light the most established popular traditions in our country.

The Holy Week in Spain happens with authentic fervour and solemnity. Devout and curious congregate in squares and streets to see the 'pasos' of the processions, the crucified and the ones being flagellated.

The feasts of Holy Week congregate basically in three or four days. We have designed a trip that offers a bus ride through short journeys from town to town to know and experience the different processions.


Routes to experience:

  • Holy Week trough the provinces of Seville and Cadiz
  • Holy Week trough the province of Teruel
  • Holy Week by the provinces of Cordoba, Granada and Jaen
  • Holy Week by the provinces of Toledo, Cuenca and Albacete
  • Holy Week by the provinces of Valladolid and Zamora